[vdr] VDR on a Pentium 166 mhz: it works !

Marko Myllymaa myllymaa at niksula.hut.fi
Tue Dec 13 12:49:20 CET 2005

On Mon, 12 Dec 2005, Travel Factory S.r.l. wrote:

> Just to share my experience with really old hardware.
> I found a couple of IBM Network Station in the dust bin of a friend
> company and took them home. They have a Pentium 166, 128 mb ram.
> I fed one of these with a Nexus and an avermedia 771 (DVB-T). I
> installed a Suse 10 kernel and using the drivers included in the
> distribution (installed latest firmware) VDR compiles and Nexus is
> perfectly recognized - I'm working on the aver, recognized by the kernel
> but not working on VDR.
> I want to say that VDR seems to work flawlessy in this slow
> environment.

I agree. I've been using VDR in old HP Vectra machine, with Pentium 166
and only 64MB ram. Equipped with fujitsu-siemens dvb-c ff card. Works very
very well.

Don't remember now cpu usage, but I have tried recording 3 channels at one
time (from same transponder) and watching one recording at the same time,
no problem at all. Response was abit slower, but otherwise ok. Live
viewing was stuttering when recording 3 channels at the same time.

Same box also plays mp3/ogg music files nicely. Divx playback I have't
tried.. ;) But dvds play just nice.

Using VdrAdmin on the machine is abit slow, but still working very well.

> Recording of one channel (RAI 2 on hotbird) results in a 40% CPU, of
> which 20% for VDR and 20% for system. Ram is almost fully used.
> Recording of two channels (RAI 1 and RAI 2) makes VDR really
> irresponsive, but the recordings seems to be ok.

I haven't checked mem usage, but my machine has also apache running on
it... I't amazing what can be done with just 64mb.


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