[vdr] Re: Nova-T USB vs NOva-T USB2 for epia PVR

Wookey wookey at aleph1.co.uk
Tue Dec 13 23:19:36 CET 2005

+++ Laurence Abbott [05-12-12 15:42 +0000]:
> I have one of each of these two USB devices. The original winTV USB
> device 'just worked' with vdr once I'd built the drivers for it.
> Unfortunately, the bandwidth of USB 1 is so low that you can only use
> one channel at a time. If I tried two recordings at the same time, all I
> got was two recordings comprising random block pictures and lots of
> nasty sounds! Even with a single channel it can struggle if the bit-rate
> is high. I don't think there is a way of restricting a specific device
> in vdr so that it will only ever record / stream a single channel.
> The newer USB 2 device (which I bought because the old one was so
> crap!), needs firmware which may take a bit of fiddling to get it
> loading with hotplug. I have got this device autoloading drivers and
> firmware, and it works fine with things like 'tzap' and then
> 'cat /dev/dvb/adaptor0/dvr0' into a file gives a perfect DVB stream.
> However, so far I have not managed to get vdr to talk to the thing! It
> recognises it as a DVB device but just doesn't get a DVB stream from it.
> I'm not sure whether I have got a new version of it, or something like
> that, but it's really annoying because it works fine, just not with vdr!
> :-(
> With a PCI Nova-T, I can quite happily record two streams (from same
> multiplex) and watch another recording at the same time.
> I'm doing this on an Epia MII-12000 using software MPEG decoding which
> means CPU usage is about 60-70%, which isn't really optimal. A dxr3 /
> Hollywood+ card does give a really good output but some people have a
> really hard time getting them going in a stable manner. I have a PCI
> DVB-T card in the same box so I can't use my dxr3 in it.
> Hope some of that helps.

That helps enormously. Thank you. Exactly the info I was looking for. It
sounds like if I get the new USB device it is likely to be working 'fairly
soon', although it may involve some fettling. It's tempting to go for the
internal PCI card, but then I think I'd need a newer M-series EPIA board,
like yours. I don't think mine will cope adequately. On the other hand the
PCI boards are cheaper. Hmm, I wonder if a 2-slot riser will fit in my

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