[vdr] Xine-plugin: crop mode / rescaling or similar?

Harald Milz hm at seneca.muc.de
Wed Dec 14 14:00:28 CET 2005


as I wrote in an earlier mail, I am using softdevice (with a G550 card)
quite successfully. One of the real advantages of softdevice is its
crop mode that allows you to crop a 14:9 or 16:9 rectangle from a 4:3
broadcasting and rescale it to full screen on a 16:9 capable TV set
(1280x720). Really nice. The downside is that my current living room
machine is just not living room compatible (looks and noise). I would
like to build a new VDR with a mini-ITX board (CLE266 or CN400) and use
the xine libs and plugin.

The question is, does xine provide something similar? I suspect that the
answer is no because the rescaling needs to be done _after_ the MPEG2
decoding, which in case of the VIA chip is done in hardware. Is that
right or is there hope?

And - will xine rescale the picture to 1280x720 if it is encoded
anamorphous? Softdevice does that automatically if you tell it the screen
is 16:9. Really nice. :-) 

Alternatively, how good is the CLE266/CN400 support in DirectFB? That would
be an alternative (with softdevice in turn). 

Most private TV stations in Germany simply don't get it as far as
anamorphous encoding... 

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