[vdr] VDR on a Pentium 166 mhz: it works !

Glyn Edwards glynedwards at fastmail.fm
Wed Dec 14 18:36:36 CET 2005

> Sounds good. It's a long time ago I used such a system, so 
> do these old systems really need a fan on the CPU?
> Would it be possible to cool them with one of the huge coolers (for Pentium IV or AMD) 
> without a fan? I'm looking for a vdr solution without moving parts inside.
I run an AMD K6-2 450MHz box with a Zalman flower cooler on it with no
fan. I haven't used VDR on it in years since i can't get DVB-T reception
at the moment but I backup to it from my lab every night. Uptimes have
been around 2 months with no problems and that was limited by power
cuts. The case is also full of insulating foam to cut noise. hHe power
supply is a Q-technology 300W silent power supply and the system only
draws 50W. I would use a fanless PSU with a lower output if I could find
one that was cheap.

The loudest noise is now from the hard disks but I keep them spun down
the majority of the time (This isn't meant to be good for their lifetime

In summary, you should have no problem passively cooling a 166MHz


> Powersupply without a fan would be cool as well, but currently to expensive.
> Or could I operate one without the fan, as it "just" has to supply a slow Pentium 166 and 
> wouldn't heat up that much?
> What about a second FF card in such a system? Too much traffic for the poor old P166?
> Thilo

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