[vdr] remote plugin reacts on 2 remote controls

André Bischof a.bischof at gmx.net
Thu Dec 15 10:19:20 CET 2005

Oliver Endriss schrieb:
>>Does your TV react on the nova-t remote too?

Until now I have not encountered this, it seems only to be the other way 

>>If yes, then you're doomed. If no, you're using the DVB remote driver in 
>>'all devices' mode, which ignores the device id of the remote signals.
>>If you use av7110_loadkeys, use the -a flag to select the correct id, 
>>or, even better, dont use av7110_loadkeys and let the remote plugin 
>>handle that. The remote plugin will usually use the -a mode.
> Sorry, av7110_loadkeys cannot be used with budget cards.
> The budget drivers do not support keymap loading or address selection.

Well, I don't know anything about av7110_loadkeys, the only thing I know 
is that the adv717x module is loades (among others), but nothing like 

Maybe you could tell me how and where to configure this, but maybe it is 
not necessary because Oliver told that this does not work with budget cards?

Is there another way to restrict the remote to the device ID of the 
correct remote control?


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