[vdr] Concerns about changing the API-definition of 'cStatus::Replaying()' and 'cStatus::Recording()' of VDR?

Matthias Becker becker.matthias at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 19:40:17 CET 2005

2005/12/15, Andreas Brugger <brougs78 at gmx.net>:
> Hi list!
> So he considers changing the API of 'cStatus::Replaying()' and
> 'cStatus::Recording()' so it returns the full FileName (Name incl. the
> path to the recording) instead of the Name. He told me that I should ask
> the list if anybody would have a problem with that (plugins, scripts and
> so on) ... so here it is ... what do you all think about that? Any
> concerns?
As the LCDproc-Plugin displays the name of the recording that is currentyl
I think the LCDproc-Plugin will have "problems" with that.  At least it must
be adapted
to this API-change.

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