[vdr] Concerns about changing the API-definition of 'cStatus::Replaying()' and 'cStatus::Recording()' of VDR?

Sascha Volkenandt lists at magoa.net
Thu Dec 15 20:22:07 CET 2005

On Thursday 15 December 2005 18:09, Andreas Brugger wrote:
> Hi list!
> I've a problem to check which recording is currently replayed in VDR. I
> know, that there is a the function 'cStatus::Replaying()', which
> delivers the 'Name' of the recording, but unfortunatly this is only a
> short version and not the full FileName. So there is no (secure) way to
> check which of several recordings which have the same name is actually
> replayed.
> I tried to use 'cReplayControl::LastReplayed()' but I have some problems
> with that and Klaus told me that this is a bad idea to call it out of a
> thread. So he considers changing the API of 'cStatus::Replaying()' and
> 'cStatus::Recording()' so it returns the full FileName (Name incl. the
> path to the recording) instead of the Name. He told me that I should ask
> the list if anybody would have a problem with that (plugins, scripts and
> so on) ... so here it is ... what do you all think about that? Any
> concerns?

No problem in general but if this is worked on, maybe we should think of 
defining a name scheme for all kinds of replays and to have these interfaces 
return those names, too.

Currently, there are large problems wanting to identify where a replay comes 
from, especially if the replay doesn't have a filename in that sense. I could 
imagine that a DVD replay announces itself as "dvd://1", so we could use 
common URI naming schemes instead of defining one ourselves for things other 
as normal files.

Example application:
An extension to the trayopen plugin shall open the tray when the drive's 
button is pressed. Unfortunately, for this to happen, a replay from that 
drive must be stopped and the disk must be unmounted prior to ejecting. On 
the other hand, a replay from any other source must continue. Currently, this 
is hardly to implement reliably.


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