[vdr] remote plugin reacts on 2 remote controls

Darren Salt linux at youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk
Fri Dec 16 00:40:36 CET 2005

I demand that André Bischof may or may not have written...

> Oliver Endriss schrieb:
> ...
>>> Does your TV react on the nova-t remote too?

> Until now I have not encountered this, it seems only to be the other way
> round.

<AOL>. My Nova-T (budget-ci) responds to some button presses on various
Philips remote controls, but none of the other devices respond to the Nova-T
remote control.

>>> If yes, then you're doomed. If no, you're using the DVB remote driver in
>>> 'all devices' mode, which ignores the device id of the remote signals.

>>> If you use av7110_loadkeys, use the -a flag to select the correct id, or,
>>> even better, dont use av7110_loadkeys and let the remote plugin handle
>>> that. The remote plugin will usually use the -a mode.

>> Sorry, av7110_loadkeys cannot be used with budget cards. The budget
>> drivers do not support keymap loading or address selection.

> Well, I don't know anything about av7110_loadkeys, the only thing I know is
> that the adv717x module is loades (among others), but nothing like av7110.

If you have a line looking like
  N: Name="Budget-CI dvb ir receiver saa7146 (0)"
in /proc/bus/input/devices then your card is similar to mine, and you can
patch budget-ci to support keymap loading.

I've just updated my patch for this to work with v4l-dvb CVS; along with the
corresponding utils patch, it's been sent to linux-dvb.

> Is there another way to restrict the remote to the device ID of the correct
> remote control?

The driver (in my case, at least) is seeing the same range of values
regardless of which remote control is being used.

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