[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] New version of mhwepg

Jean-Claude Repetto jean-claude.repetto at libertysurf.fr
Fri Dec 16 00:01:41 CET 2005


Since a few weeks, Dutch people have trouble to get EPG for Canal Digitaal
with mhwepg.
I have found the reason of the problem : Canal Digitaal does not send
anymore the local time in the TOT (Time Offset Table).

As a workaround, I have added the -t option that can be used to set
manually the time offset (in seconds).
In winter : add "-t 3600" to the command line.
In summer : add "-t 7200" to the command line.

I have posted the new version (0.4.3) on my web site :

For people wondering what is mhwepg :
mhwepg is a program to extract proprietary EPG Data sent by the Canal+
group (Mediahighway receivers) and parse it into a VDR compatible format.
It can be used to get a 7-days EPG for Canal Satellite (France), Cyfra+
(Poland), Canal Digitaal Satelliet (Netherlands), and Sky Italia.


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