[vdr] Seqfault of cutting thread on "Low disk space!"

Christof Steininger christof.steininger at t-online.de
Sun Dec 18 19:20:18 CET 2005

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

> Christof Steininger wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  as i'm absolutely new to the mailinglist business maybe i made something 
>> wrong.
> Well, you might want to consider posting in plain text, not HTML ;-)

I somehow knew using Outlook Express was a bad idea.
I try to use _Nur Text_ this time.
Or maybe I'll give a real mailing client a try next time.

>> Skins.QueueMessage(mtWarning, tr("Low disk space!"), 30);
>>  produces a message thats 30 seconds long, while AssumeFreeDiskSpace(-1),

And of course it's not AssumeFreeDiskSpace(-1) but AssertFreeDiskSpace(-1)

>> that's called about every 10 seconds fills up The Messagequeue,
>> which is obviously not a good idea. As i'm far from being a coder, i'm 
>> sorry, i have to leave it
>> to others finding a working solution.
> If you use
>   Skins.QueueMessage(mtWarning, tr("Low disk space!"), 5, -1);
> the message will be displayed shorter, and the '-1' will prevent
> the message queue from filling up.
> Could you give this a try?
Sure! Works like a dream :)
No crashes anymore while cutting.

Changing Factor from 10 to 2 in AssertFreeDiskSpace in recording.c

   int Factor = (Priority == -1) ? 10 : 1;

also worked for me, while keeping almost the same behaviour as before
when calling QueueMessage with a display time of 30 seconds
(Displaying the "Low disk space!" message for 30 seconds and again 20
seconds later).
But i don't know if there are any side effects.
I read a mailinglist thread from about 2 years ago
where you discussed the value of the Factor variable
when AssertFreeDiskSpace is called with Priority=-1.
So i think it's a better idea to leave the Factor value untouched
and therefore consider your suggestion to be the better solution to this 
issue. :)


Christof Steininger 

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