[vdr] Re: sourcecaps patch for vdr 1.3.37?

Carsten Koch Carsten.Koch at icem.com
Mon Dec 19 22:50:09 CET 2005

Dave wrote:
> Hi there I found your email address on the vdr mailing list it seems you 
> maintain this sourcecaps patch for vdr, and was not able to find it for 
> vdr 1.3.37, or any website that carried the patches. I was wondering if 
> you could tell me if this .37 patch exists ? Where can I get it?

There is nothing for vdr 1.3.37, since I am still using vdr 1.3.36.
The patch I am using is attached.
I will make a new one after vdr 1.3.38 comes out.

Cheers, Carsten.

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