[vdr] vdradminbug?

Jouni Karvo jouni.karvo at tkk.fi
Tue Dec 20 08:04:49 CET 2005


 > >From 9 pm to 9:30 pm was Idols extra and 9:30pm to 10pm was Big brother
 > I ended up with two recordings
 > 1. Idols extra beginning from 8:59pm
 > 2. Idols extra beginning from 9:29pm

I have had a similar bug, and wrote a quick and dirty solution for
this (sent it to Andreas Mair also, but he probably has not had time
to check it out).

If this is the same bug, then the problem is in the autotimer update
code, where vdradmin first changes a recording to start the time where
the time to add in the beginning is subtracted from the start time,
and after this notices at some point that there is no autotimer for
the correct time, and adds one to that time.  VDR naturally takes the
correct recording name (the program that was before in the schedule)
for the one starting too early.

This happens when Event_ID is not used for autotimers.

The weird thing is that my problem was there with the earlier


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