[vdr] Concerns about changing the API-definition of 'cStatus::Replaying()' and 'cStatus::Recording()' of VDR?

Andreas Brugger brougs78 at gmx.net
Tue Dec 20 20:01:14 CET 2005

Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:

> To me it's all the same, so let's here the votes.

Thanks for all the comments. First off I thought this would be much 
easier but there is more to consider than I was aware off.

I would prefer
    void Recording(const cDevice *Device, const char *Name, const char 
and its Replaying-counterpart.

- plugins would have to adopt once

- easy to implement and little changes on the VDR- and plugins-side
- delivers everything like bevore plus detailed info can be gatheredby 
loading the corresponding recording using the FileName

Andreas Brugger

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