[vdr] Can not run reliably VDR > 1.3.24

Matthias Biel Matthias.Biel at web.de
Thu Dec 22 07:16:59 CET 2005

Kari Smolander wrote:

>These versions start perfectly, all functionality is working, but when I
>leave them running, they lose completely sound and picture after some
>hours. OSD and menus are still working and you can even watch recordings,
>but live-TV does not show. There is nothing unusual in the logs. 
Same here, using kernel 2.6.12 and vdr 1.3.34.
I have two instances of VDR running sharing two FF and one
budget card.

>Even restart of VDR does not help - you have to reboot the whole computer.
Restarting the computer is not necessary for me, reloading
the modules is enough.

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