[vdr] Problem in migrating vdr 1.2.6 -> vdr-1.3.37-0.lvn.1.4

Anssi Hannula anssi.hannula at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 02:35:12 CET 2005

Otto J. Makela wrote:
> # /usr/bin/scandvb -o vdr /usr/share/dvb-apps/dvb-c/fi-htv
> scanning /usr/share/dvb-apps/dvb-c/fi-htv
> using '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0' and '/dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0'
> initial transponder 283000000 5900000 0 4
>>>>tune to: 283:M128:C:5900:
> WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0011
> WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0000
> WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0010
> dumping lists (0 services)
> Done.

Okay, something is wrong here.

> (syslog entries)
> Dec 26 00:15:12 piglet kernel: av7110_wait_msgstate: timeout waiting for MSGSTATE 0040
> Dec 26 00:15:13 piglet kernel: dvb-ttpci: __av7110_send_fw_cmd(): timeout waiting for COMMAND idle
> Dec 26 00:15:13 piglet kernel: dvb-ttpci: av7110_send_fw_cmd(): av7110_send_fw_cmd error -110
> Dec 26 00:15:13 piglet kernel: dvb-ttpci: av7110_fw_cmd error -110

The card's firmware seems to be misbehaving. Which firmware did you use?

> Consulting the linuxtv Wiki [2] I found out that the format of the
> file had changed, and noted that the new vdr had changed my original
> channels file to include the bouquet information for YLE. I did a few
> changes to my converter to do likewise [3], but things did not really
> improve. I still have just the YLE channels and nothing else.

The old config should work just fine, VDR can convert it to the new
format on-the-fly.

> I'm pretty much out of ideas. What can cause this, and what can I do?
> Does anyone have a ready working channels.conf for DVB-C in Helsinki?

HTV cable network provides this service to VDR users:

> 1. http://eetis.co.jyu.fi/dvb/
> 2. http://www.linuxtv.org/vdrwiki/index.php/Syntax_of_channels.conf
> 3. Though, where am I supposed to find a proper provider name, which
>    as far as I know technically is NOT the same thing as a bouquet
>    name, as several providers can share one bouquet?

There is no need to find a bouquet (= provider) name, that's VDR's job.

Anssi Hannula

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