[vdr] Server recording with SVDRP

Uwe Ortner uwe.ortner at villa-flora.info
Mon Dec 26 15:27:30 CET 2005

On Mo, 2005-12-26 at 13:49 +0100, Lars Fredriksson wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm using a quite "ugly" solution that might do the thing that you want!
> I have a server with 4 DVB cards and all the HDD, and the I have a
> client connected to the server using streamdev. The servers
> video-directory is mounted using NFS to the client.

same here ...

> Whan I want to record something on TV I just ad the timer on the client.
> The I have a script on the server that is run every minute that connects
> to the client using SVDRP and lists all timers, if it finds a timer it
> deletes it and adds the same timer on the server instead.

script on client side would be great, because the server is always on.
Made a quit test - just adding via "cat" the clients timers.conf to the
server, but obviously this doesnt work

> If I start a "direct" recording on the client (presses red in the menu)
> the cleint starts to record immediately (in the video-directory thats
> mounted using NFS), after max 1 minute the timer is deleted from the
> client and moved to the server - the server continues to record in the
> same directory, so there is only maybe one second of video thats
> missing

what happens if there are already timers on the server?

> It works quite well for me - drop me a mail if youre intrested of the
> Perl-script (it's really ugly and simple) - lars(at)jpl.se
> /Lars
> Thus spake Uwe Ortner (uwe.ortner at villa-flora.info):
> > Hello,
> > 
> > any chance to initiate (from client) a recording via SVDRP on a server?
> > 
> > For this, some information such as channel number, time/date should be
> > parsed from a highlighted entry (submenu "program") to SVDRP. Is that in
> > general possible (maybe via the unused blue key)? 
> > 
> > uwe

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