[vdr] Server recording with SVDRP

Stefan Huelswitt s.huelswitt at gmx.de
Mon Dec 26 22:28:06 CET 2005

On 26 Dec 2005 Uwe Ortner <uwe.ortner at villa-flora.info> wrote:

> On Mo, 2005-12-26 at 18:13 +0000, Stefan Huelswitt wrote:
>> I modified the client VDR to never start a recording (beside some
>> other modifications which makes a server VDR or a client VDR more
>> usable).
> how did you do that? 

In vdr.c there is this if-clause:

        // Timers and Recordings:
        if (!ISCLIENT() && !Timers.BeingEdited()) {
           // Delete expired timers:

The ISCLIENT() a check if VDR has been started as client or
server (selected from a commandline switch, so I can use the same
binary for both).
Without all my other stuff, you can simply comment of the
complete if-clause.

If anybody is interested in the complete client-server stuff, I
can provide a patch. But it's still work in progress and focused
very much on my needs.

> Is a timer entry although created?


> Numerating on server is done like "250-1" 
> but on my client it is "250 1"
> Any idea where this comes from?

AFAIR the '-' is the continuation mark i.e. for a multiline


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