[vdr] streamdev-plugin

Benjamin Hess benjamin.h at gmx.ch
Tue Dec 27 11:18:29 CET 2005


On my VDR the extern remux works.

Put this Script into /root/externremux.sh:


    rm /tmp/out.avi
    /usr/bin/mkfifo /tmp/out.avi

    cat /tmp/out.avi &

    mencoder \
    -ovc xvid \
    -oac mp3lame \
    -ffourcc XVID \
    -lameopts vbr=3:abr:cbr=50:aq=9:mode=3 \
    -xvidencopts bitrate=350 \
    -vf scale -zoom -xy 400 \
    -o /tmp/out.avi -- - &>/tmp/out.log

then try to access with mplayer (no other player worked so far) 
http://yourip:3000/EXTERNE/1 for the first channel
when it doesn't work look first at /tmp/out.log

cheers, benjamin

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