[vdr] HDTV not in mpeg2 ?

Reinhard Walter Buchner rw.buchner at freenet.de
Tue Dec 27 15:04:50 CET 2005

Hi guys,

>I don't think any of the HDTV channels is going to be
> in MPEG2. As it seems, everyone agrees on MPEG4 /
> H.264 over DVB-S2. Time to get new hardware :-(

Well, its not just going to be a matter of buying new DVB
hardware, I'm afraid.

AFAIK,  STMicroelectronics is the >only< company making
the (De)Mod (=Tuner) at the moment. Zarlink is working on
one, but it's not in production as of now. Knc1 is the only
maker of DVB-S PC hardware. This card does NOT have
a HDMI output (and it's a budget card). This means any
HDCP coded and protected programs will not be outputed
to a TV. HDCP will most likely NEVER reach a software
controlled stage. It will always be hardcoded into the
hardware. The knc1 card is due out end of January 2006.
Price unknown.

And as to transcoding the digítal stream into RGBHV, I
personally don't think this will ever happen with internal
PC hardware. The crowd of people having an 8" or 9"
CRT projection unit is too small as to let manufacturers
whip up an internal transcoder. More expensive digitals
are HD-compliant, but not really HD-Ready (not meaning
what the sign "HD-Ready" tries to imply!)

Furthermore programs like Premiere will be using another
method of checking, making watching such shows via VDR
next to impossible. Not that I care, since DVDs are easily
catching up (production times) to Premiere. Of course, you'll
also need a new CAM and a new CI to go with the higher
rates of H.264.

I also doubt that we will be able to cut these shows via VDR
(although I'm sure Klaus has something up his sleeves ;o))
since it is no longer mpeg2. We are also at the mercy of the
DVB-S2 producers to lay open a code that will allow the
implementation of a DVB-S2 card under Linux. It'll be a
long way before VDR meets HDTV in H.264. Since BW
costs money, you can be sure that, aside from the demo
loops now on Astra, all shows will be encoded in H.264

Since there are NO full featured cards available at the
moment, there is presently NO way you can watch H.264
encoded shows via old PII-200 Mhz hardware.

I never really understood manufacturers why they speed
up the process of transmitting data in a new and higher
encoded way, yet fail to provide the receiving hardware.
Pretty stupid in my opinion :o))


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