[vdr] HDTV not in mpeg2 ?

Harald Milz hm at seneca.muc.de
Tue Dec 27 16:08:13 CET 2005

Reinhard Walter Buchner <rw.buchner at freenet.de> wrote:
> maker of DVB-S PC hardware. This card does NOT have
> a HDMI output (and it's a budget card). This means any

Sure not - because it's a budget card. 

> HDCP coded and protected programs will not be outputed
> to a TV. HDCP will most likely NEVER reach a software
> controlled stage. It will always be hardcoded into the

You'll always need a HDCP compliant graphics card that outputs the
data stream to a "HD ready" TV set as-is. No software stage inbetween,
especially no recording or decoding. For now, that is. Has anyone
except the Spatz folks tried to get HDCP capable DVI chips (SiI 1169)
from Silicon Image? Or do they (officially) sell only to people with a
valid HDCP license? A certain piece of hardware comes to my mind. Name it
DVI2MPEGx encoder or something. Pretty expensive, probably, but not
technically impossible. Since these chips are sitting in pretty much every
HD ready device, the broadcasters can't simply deactivate the keys held by
these chips. The SiI1169 starter kit could be something to dream of
Kuckst Du hier: http://www.spatz-tech.de/spatz/dviyprpb.htm 
so ..... guess what this device is doing internally? 

> hardware. The knc1 card is due out end of January 2006.
> Price unknown.

This one ...  http://www.knc1.com/d/produkte/digital_dvb_s2_plus.htm 
Their web page says "H.264/MPEG2 decoding in software", and "Intel
kompatible CPU ab 2 GHz (ab 3.2 GHz Dual Core für HDTV)". No comment. The
only way we could use this in a slow PC is with a EM-8620L card (randy?),
the HDCP issue set aside for a while.

Good reading w.r.t. HDCP/HDMI for everybody:
http://www.familie-farr.de/hdtv_drm.htm (albeit in German). 

> whip up an internal transcoder. More expensive digitals

http://www.spatz-tech.de/spatz/dvi_hdcp.htm ?

> are HD-compliant, but not really HD-Ready (not meaning
> what the sign "HD-Ready" tries to imply!)

Component inputs, HDCP capable DVI and/or HDMI input, native 720p minimum,
mostly.  There are a lot of products out there that are sold with a fake
"HD ready" logo, meaning just something. These customers will have a nice
June and July, I guess, when they notice that they had themselves talk into
buying something that is basically useless. 

> Furthermore programs like Premiere will be using another
> method of checking, making watching such shows via VDR
> next to impossible. Not that I care, since DVDs are easily
> catching up (production times) to Premiere. Of course, you'll

And don't forget that most movie material isn't even available in native
HDTV resolutions. What they are often broadcasting is upscaled PAL/NTSC
material from the Leo Kirch era, for economic reasons. :-(( 

> I also doubt that we will be able to cut these shows via VDR

If they send pay-TV contents that needs to be cut, then to hell with them. 

> (although I'm sure Klaus has something up his sleeves ;o))
> since it is no longer mpeg2. We are also at the mercy of the
> DVB-S2 producers to lay open a code that will allow the
> implementation of a DVB-S2 card under Linux. It'll be a

Anybody talking to KNC ? ;-) 

> moment, there is presently NO way you can watch H.264
> encoded shows via old PII-200 Mhz hardware.

Except with a EM-8620L card maybe. 

> I never really understood manufacturers why they speed
> up the process of transmitting data in a new and higher
> encoded way, yet fail to provide the receiving hardware.

Test balloons. I guess they learnt from the UMTS disaster. 

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