[vdr] HDTV not in mpeg2 ?

Reinhard Walter Buchner rw.buchner at freenet.de
Tue Dec 27 16:55:19 CET 2005

Hi Harald, guys,

>> HDCP coded and protected programs will not be outputed
>> to a TV. HDCP will most likely NEVER reach a software
>> controlled stage. It will always be hardcoded into the

>You'll always need a HDCP compliant graphics card that outputs the
>data stream to a "HD ready" TV set as-is. No software stage inbetween,
>especially no recording or decoding. For now, that is. Has anyone

Exactly, which makes an integration into VDR impossible. For now
I don't see how they will (try to) protect data going across the PCI
bus so that you can't get at it with a HDD. This means it will never
receive HDCP compliance. The only way to prevent this would
be to prevent the data being fed over the PCI, which essentially
means outputting the data via the DVB-S card directly (of course
then any kind of PVR doesn't make sense ;o)) Even after so many
years, VDR is still the top notch software when it comes to PVR.

>except the Spatz folks tried to get HDCP capable DVI chips
> (SiI 1169) from Silicon Image?

Thanks for the link. I hadn't noticed this one yet. There is a
nice slot-in card out there for my Marquee that, cough, cough,
doesn't really care about HDCP ;o))

> Or do they (officially) sell only to people with a valid HDCP
> license?

I would guess a lot of manufacturers are still holding off to wait
the outcome of Blue-Ray vs HD-DVD. Esp. when it comes to
the problem of the activation keys.

>> hardware. The knc1 card is due out end of January 2006.
>> Price unknown.

>This one ...  http://www.knc1.com/d/produkte/digital_dvb_s2_plus.htm

Yes, that is the one I meant.

>Their web page says "H.264/MPEG2 decoding in software", and
> "Intel kompatible CPU ab 2 GHz (ab 3.2 GHz Dual Core für
> HDTV)". No comment.

ROFL. Of course this includes the Windows overhead, but even in
Linux we won't get away with a say 1GHz CPU. Basically that is
what I meant with my comment that it's not enough just to buy new
DVB-S2 hardware.

> The only way we could use this in a slow PC is with a EM-8620L
> card (randy?), the HDCP issue set aside for a while.

Probably Sigma's next gen cards will be able to handle this including
HDCP, but Sigma has always been a little strange when it comes to
open source. Just look at how long it took manufacturers to come up
with "high definition" DVD players based on the Sigma chip. AFAIK
there are only 3 (not taking KISS into account since it still not clear
if they will be making one) manufactuers selling these. The Zensonic
Z500 being my personal favorite at the moment.

>> are HD-compliant, but not really HD-Ready (not meaning
>> what the sign "HD-Ready" tries to imply!)

> fake "HD ready" logo, meaning just something. These customers
>will have a nice June and July, I guess, when they notice that they
> had themselves talk into buying something that is basically useless.

Yup. I think manufacturers are hoping for an "up" in sales due
to the supposed raise in sales tax (got my own thoughts about
how our great politicians are gonna dismiss this) and due to the
World Championships. The net result will be that people will
become MUCH less willing to buy consumer stuff after this
experience with HD(TV).

The way manufacturers, media and politicians are going, HDTV
is going to be a dead birth. It wouldn't surprise me if they start
sending most HDTV via DVB-T in the beginning, since it
essentially is less expensive then via satellite. Problem being
(same as via) cable that up to now not everyone can receive
DVB-T because of the missing infrastructure.

>> I also doubt that we will be able to cut these shows via VDR

>If they send pay-TV contents that needs to be cut, then to
> hell with them.

I was talking more in the lines of (still) FTA from Sat.1 or

>> DVB-S2 producers to lay open a code that will allow the
>> implementation of a DVB-S2 card under Linux. It'll be a

>Anybody talking to KNC ? ;-)

Not to my knowledge.
@Klaus: Do you have any new infos on DVB-S2?


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