[vdr] HDTV not in mpeg2 ?

Harald Milz hm at seneca.muc.de
Tue Dec 27 19:54:11 CET 2005

Reinhard Walter Buchner <rw.buchner at freenet.de> wrote:
> Exactly, which makes an integration into VDR impossible. For now
> I don't see how they will (try to) protect data going across the PCI
> bus so that you can't get at it with a HDD. This means it will never
> receive HDCP compliance. The only way to prevent this would
> be to prevent the data being fed over the PCI, which essentially
> means outputting the data via the DVB-S card directly (of course

Yup. I was somewhat off-track here. To re-cap this: 

The data coming from the satellite is not HDCP encrypted. HDCP is meant
to provide an end-to-end encryption between, say, a set-top-box and the
display in order to make DVI recorders impossible. The KNC card does
(must) provide an unencrypted data stream on the PCI bus once the CI
stuff has been dealt with. 

Or the card together with the supplied Windows software is next to useless
when it comes to pay-TV content. Same with set top boxes - they need to
insert their OSD stuff at some point. 

If that is so (please correct me if I'm totally off now), there is no way
to prevent VDR from doing its job. 

HDCP compliance is something I can get along without if required ...

So - as soon as there are DVB drivers for any DVB-S2 card, the hurdle is
CI, not HDCP. 

> I was talking more in the lines of (still) FTA from Sat.1 or
> Pro-7.

I guess after a year or so there's little incentive to record anything
from the Pro7 or RTL guys any more because 90% of the program(me) is
replays. Hence the brilliant "Das Vierte" idea. There VDR can get a real
repetitive stress syndrome. The new stuff isn't actually worth it, IMHO.
Considering that even recent movies are available on DVD (and in DVD
rental shops) very quickly (at least for a while because otherwise the
movie industry would piss off many, many DVD player owners worldwide),
getting the DVDs would be a way to go (as a legal alternative to a
broadband DSL account).

Power corrupts.  And atomic power corrupts atomically.

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