[vdr] Annoying bug with ttxtsubs

"Sami J. Mäkinen" sjm at plenware.fi
Tue Dec 27 22:09:50 CET 2005

Hello all,

is anyone else having trouble with teletext subtitles?

I am using

- VDR 1.3.37
- ttxtsubs 0.0.5
- DVB subtitles 0.3.8
- a bunch of other plugins, including autosort, channelscan,
  dvd, femon, loadepg, mp3/mplayer, osdteletext, remote and
- DVB-S full-feature card (Hauppauge) with conax cam and
  Canal Digital smartcard.

I have used the patches from


to get DVB subtitles and ttxtsubs together.

The symptons:

When replaying a recording from a satellite channel with ttxt subtitles,
they work ok for the first 5 minutes or so. After that, the subtitles
disappear for a while. Then, I begin to see subtitles from live sat tv,
usually Animal Planet. I press STOP from my remote and re-enter the
playback and subtitles reappear correctly and work for another 5 minutes or so.
This is repeatable. I have tried to switch my vdr into a satellite channel
on a different satellite (I have 5 sats visible), e.g. S19.2E (astra1).
Anyhow, when playing back a recording with ttxt subtitles, I definitely
will see ttxt subtitles from live broadcast from S1.0W (Thor) after
5 minutes or so. This is damn annoying.

When watching live view with ttxt subtitles, it is working ok, always.
I have not seen subtitles from a wrong channel or anything similar.

When watching a recording with no subtitles that vdr is aware of
(subtitles embedded into the picture, like mtv3 or Nelonen in Finland)
I will see ttxt subtitles from live broadcast of S1.0W too. This happens
too, even if I try to switch to another channel on another satellite
before beginning the playback. This problem is easily cured, because
I can just disable ttxt subtitles from the VDR main menu.

Have anyone else seen this? This is utterly annoying since the only
way to view satellite broadcasts with subtitles is to make dvds
of them first...

It should not be too difficult for ttxtsubs plugin to differentiate
recorded and live view subtitles, should it? Sigh.


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