[vdr] Xbox VDR -- anyone using it?

Mlists mlists at dressler.ca
Wed Dec 28 01:19:48 CET 2005

Hi all, I have VDR running on my Xbox (Xebian linux).  I have installed
the version published by a user and its using vdr 1.3.22.  It has Enigma
installed but no epg with more then now next display.

I compiled 1.3.37, with yaepg and moved the vdr executables and libs to
a copy of the Xbox VDR version.  I left all of the config in place and
the lirc configs.  Running irw with lirc shows it is running and is
seeing the right remote control commands.

The problem I'm having is that the lirc commands are not being seen by
vdr.  I don't have the original makefiles used for the 1.3.22 build so
my question is do I need to have specific settings for lirc commands to
be recognized.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Also if anyone has already built
an xbox version with a recent version then please let me know where I
can find it.  


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