[vdr] HDTV not in mpeg2 ?

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Wed Dec 28 02:26:13 CET 2005

Harald Milz wrote:
> The data coming from the satellite is not HDCP encrypted. HDCP is meant
> to provide an end-to-end encryption between, say, a set-top-box and the
> display in order to make DVI recorders impossible. The KNC card does
> (must) provide an unencrypted data stream on the PCI bus once the CI
> stuff has been dealt with. 

Not necessarily. On a TCPA based attempt, the chip could deliver
protected data streams only to TCPA authenticated software, or do a TCPA
 based encryption of the data stream. In that case, only TCPA
authenticated graphics cards can receive/decrypt the video stream, and
have to make sure that the video material is only available on HDCP
encrypted outputs, and not to untrusted software like VDR.

But thats all pure theory until S2 cards get actually available.



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