[vdr] VDR constantly tries to change transponder frequency

Anssi Hannula anssi.hannula at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 17:45:33 CET 2005


VDR constantly changes the frequency of one multiplex in DVB-T.

Here's an example:
Urheilukanava;Suomen Urheilutelevisio

But then VDR decides to change it:

Dec 29 18:32:48 delta vdr[18069]: changing transponder data of channel
22 from T:770000000:0:3:0:2:2:2:1 to T:674000000:0:3:0:2:2:2:1

And then of course the channels stop being watchable.

I took a dvbsnoop on PID 16 to grab the NIT tables (or whatever they're
The two SECT-packets which are looped in the PID 16 are both in:

BTW, I put a debug output entry in nit.c line 173 to grab the frequency
returned by getFrequency(), and I get these kind of results:
FREQUENCY, 562000000
FREQUENCY, 658000000
FREQUENCY, 674000000

However the correct frequencies of the muxes are 490000, 578000, and
770000. However I've no idea why mux3 is the only one of which frequency
VDR tries to change.

Anssi Hannula

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