[vdr] VDSB Video Data Stream Broken

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Fri Dec 30 03:43:11 CET 2005

Patrick Maier wrote:
> I've again a problem with the mysterious Errormessage "ERROR: video data
> stream broken".
> First of all I try to explain the setup of the friend of mine, who has
> the Problem...
> He has one PC with linvdr and VDR version 1.3.34 with 3 Cards: 2x FF
> cards and 1x LBudget card

The typical base for the feared VDSB error...

The most common chain of trouble is this: VDR uses the budget card to do
EPG scan as long as the second card is idle. Due to unknown reasons the
frequent channel changes from one transponder to the next suddenly cause
the budget card driver to hang, and no channel is tunable any more. This
doesn't cause any error messages, because EPG scan is a low-priority
task and mostly ignores errors. As soon as the next recording starts,
this tuning trouble will become more critical, and VDR does an emergency
exit to reload the DVB driver, that brings the card back to life (for
most users at least).

Some hints:
- Upgrade or downgrade driver and/or firmware
- IRQ's may be part of the problem, so try to give an own irq to the
budget card
- Disabling EPG scan helps

The reasons behind VDSB are very complex, and not all aspects are known.
Some people suffer massively from it, others not at all, with identical
setups. Solutions that work for one case may not work for other cases,
thats making it difficult to fix it. Do some searching on the list and
at vdrportal to get more info.



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