[vdr] VDSB Video Data Stream Broken

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Fri Dec 30 12:11:37 CET 2005


Udo Richter wrote:

>>I've again a problem with the mysterious Errormessage "ERROR: video data
>>stream broken".
>>First of all I try to explain the setup of the friend of mine, who has
>>the Problem...
>>He has one PC with linvdr and VDR version 1.3.34 with 3 Cards: 2x FF
>>cards and 1x LBudget card
> The typical base for the feared VDSB error...
> The most common chain of trouble is this: VDR uses the budget card to do
> EPG scan as long as the second card is idle. Due to unknown reasons the
> frequent channel changes from one transponder to the next suddenly cause
> the budget card driver to hang, and no channel is tunable any more. This
> doesn't cause any error messages, because EPG scan is a low-priority
> task and mostly ignores errors. As soon as the next recording starts,
> this tuning trouble will become more critical, and VDR does an emergency
> exit to reload the DVB driver, that brings the card back to life (for
> most users at least).

To prove this, would you please try the attached patch (it's a 
simplified approach regarding my earlier posts). In DiSEqC setup's it 
repeats the DiSEqC message and retunes, if the tuner doesn't get a lock 
within 1000 ms or after loosing the lock for 1000 ms.

In my setup with just two budget cards and a channels.conf with some 
outdated entries, I get log messages regarding tuning when EPG scan 
comes across such channels.

> Some hints:
> - Upgrade or downgrade driver and/or firmware
> - IRQ's may be part of the problem, so try to give an own irq to the
> budget card
> - Disabling EPG scan helps
> The reasons behind VDSB are very complex, and not all aspects are known.
> Some people suffer massively from it, others not at all, with identical
> setups. Solutions that work for one case may not work for other cases,
> thats making it difficult to fix it. Do some searching on the list and
> at vdrportal to get more info.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl
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