[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-xine-0.7.1 plugin

Anssi Hannula anssi.hannula at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 13:46:13 CET 2005

Reinhard Nissl wrote:
> Hi,
> Anssi Hannula wrote:
>>> I'm pleased to announce bugfix release 0.7.1:
>>>     http://home.vr-web.de/~rnissl/vdr-xine-0.7.1.tgz
>> Are you planning to add support for socket connections as proposed by 
>> Patrick Boettcher anytime soon?
> We already had a discussion about that. He is currently working on a 
> "cleaner" approach (just one server side socket and only two sockets at 
> client side) and that one will be integrated into vdr-xine-0.8.0.

By the way, your message didn't go to mailinglist. VDR ml configuration 
has changed so if you want to send message to mailinglist also, use the 
"reply to all" function of your email reader.

This kind of configuration is commonly used in mailinglists.

Anssi Hannula

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