[vdr] Problem with Premiere option channes

Dominik Strasser dominik at die-strassers.de
Sun Feb 13 14:41:14 CET 2005

Hi all,
one last problem remains with my VDR setup:
the Premiere option channels (for Premiere Direkt/Fussball) don't work
Now with the Bundesliga playing, my channel.conf looks like this (with
"update channels" set to "add new channels"):
D 1 - 13|45:346:M64:C:6900:0:0:0:0:212:133:1:0
FCK - HANSA:346:M64:C:6900:0:0:0:0:245:133:3:0
HSV - VfB:346:M64:C:6900:0:0:0:0:241:133:3:0
BRE - BMG:346:M64:C:6900:0:0:0:0:244:133:3:0
D 2 - 14|30:346:M64:C:6900:0:0:0:0:211:133:17:0
D 3 -
BVB - BO:346:M64:C:6900:0:0:0:0:240:133:3:0
FREI - H96:346:M64:C:6900:0:0:0:0:243:133:3:0
BER - FCN:346:M64:C:6900:3071:3072=deu,3073=deu:0:1801,1702,1722:208:133:4:0

Additionally, I have to manually enter my PIN for the two channels that
can be shown (the last two).

I already started with an empty (repectively with 1 channel per
transponder) channels.conf. It doesn't help.

I have an AlphaCAM, with a Premiere P02 card which work fine under
WINDVBLIVE (with the option channels), so I would rule out problems with

As you see, some PID's are updated while others aren't. syslog shows
messages about changing the PIDs for the working channels, but nothing
for the others.



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