[vdr] VDR developer version 1.3.21 - Handling of DD buffer

Helmut Auer vdr at helmutauer.de
Sun Feb 13 18:56:38 CET 2005

Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:

> Take a look at VDR/dvbosd.c:
>      //XXX This is a very ugly hack to allow cDvbOsd to reduce the buffer
>      //XXX requirements in cTransfer if it detects a 4MB full featured 
> DVB card.
>      extern bool DvbCardWith4MBofSDRAM;
>      DvbCardWith4MBofSDRAM = osdMem >= 1000000;
Oopps - sorry I missed that - I hadn't thought of a global variable ;-)
And also a define statement is not a no-go for a distri - if anyone is 
able to upgrade a DVB card to 4 MB he also should be able to recompile 
vdr :-)

Helmut Auer, helmut at helmutauer.de 

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