[vdr] Small patch to prefermenu and ideas for next generation prefermenu.

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Tue Feb 15 23:19:20 CET 2005

DOm wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 20:21:39 +0100
> DOm <angelus.dei at tiscalinet.it> wrote:
>>firstly i attach a small patch to fix drawing of the new yellow
>>and blue "buttons" of prefermenu plugin.
>>Thinking to a better prefermenu i would like to ask something to
>>someone more inside the vdr code: Can i use something like the small
>>menu for Audio track selection to show preferred channels? Doing so i
>>can have a channel menu not too big and looking consistent with the
>>current skin.
>>Does this sound reasonable to you?
> Well, looking at the code i have a more precise question.
> Is it, ot it will be, possible to use something like the cDisplayTrack
> menu for something else that a Track list? Such a compact menu could be
> really useful to display channel lists, too.
> What Kalus thinks about that?

Well, the cSkinDisplayTracks menu should be generic enough to
be used to implement something along that road. Just note that
at least the version in VDR itself currently doesn't support
more entries than actually fit on the screen (no scrolling of
any kind). This menu was originally intended for a "small number"
of entries ;-)


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