[vdr] Two instances but only one epg.data ?

Tilo Renkl tilo at diredare.de
Tue Feb 15 23:32:34 CET 2005

Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:

> Tilo Renkl wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> since a few month I use two instaces of VDR for two TV's on one 
>> machine (with two remotes).
>> I have two separate config-folders, but I want to use only ONE  
>> epg.data-file.
>> This is because I user tvmovie2vdr and loadepg-Plug to fill parts of 
>> my epg-data.
>> The problem is that even if I explicitly define one file for both 
>> VDR's and then
>> start the loadepg-Plugin or tvmovie2vdr-skript, only one of the 
>> instances get's updated.
>> The other one will never be updated till the next restart.
>> Is there any solution for that problem (yes I think this is a bug) ?
> How exactly do these plugins/scripts send data to the two VDR instances?
I do not know how the plugin does this exactly, but the script user 
svdrpsend.pl to
"inject" epg-data in one of the instances.
Sure I may modify that script to inject it in both instances, but the I 
have to patch
every future release of the script.
Is'nt there a way, maybe an svdrpsend.pl command to tell an instance to 
update the epg-data out of the epg.data-file ?


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