[vdr] Two instances but only one epg.data ?

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Tue Feb 15 23:37:17 CET 2005

Tilo Renkl wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
>> Tilo Renkl wrote:
>>> Hi list,
>>> since a few month I use two instaces of VDR for two TV's on one 
>>> machine (with two remotes).
>>> I have two separate config-folders, but I want to use only ONE  
>>> epg.data-file.
>>> This is because I user tvmovie2vdr and loadepg-Plug to fill parts of 
>>> my epg-data.
>>> The problem is that even if I explicitly define one file for both 
>>> VDR's and then
>>> start the loadepg-Plugin or tvmovie2vdr-skript, only one of the 
>>> instances get's updated.
>>> The other one will never be updated till the next restart.
>>> Is there any solution for that problem (yes I think this is a bug) ?
>> How exactly do these plugins/scripts send data to the two VDR instances?
> I do not know how the plugin does this exactly, but the script user 
> svdrpsend.pl to
> "inject" epg-data in one of the instances.
> Sure I may modify that script to inject it in both instances, but the I 
> have to patch
> every future release of the script.
> Is'nt there a way, maybe an svdrpsend.pl command to tell an instance to 
> completely
> update the epg-data out of the epg.data-file ?

So first of all, this is not a VDR bug ;-)

Whatever EPG data you send to one of the VDR instances doesn't mean
a thing to the other VDR instance. You also shouldn't set the two
instances to have the same epg.data file, because they would end up
overwriting each other's output.

You can use the SVDRP command PUTE to send the data from one instance's
epg.data file to the other instance.


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