[vdr] Re: VDR-1.3.19 : DD-Audio stuttering when switching between Pro7 and Sat1

christian jacobsen Christian.Jacobsen at stageholding.de
Thu Feb 17 10:37:24 CET 2005

Hallo Klaus, 

> > But yor proposal to display the streams is good. Or have a 
> preference 
> > setting like with AC3overDVB to prefer either the AC3 or the PCM 
> > channel. Saves you and some more idiots like me some time :-))
> This should already be the case. VDR remembers the last audio setting
> and, when switching channels or starting a replay, it selects 
> the appropriate
> channel if available.

Would you consider my suggestion to differ between Live and Replay ?

See Mail : "[vdr] Dolby Digital : remeber last setting seperate for
Replay and LiveAC3"

Thanks :)

Christian Jacobsen

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