[vdr] VDR developer version 1.3.21 - Handling of DD buffer

Sascha Volkenandt lists at magoa.net
Thu Feb 17 16:28:24 CET 2005

Am Dienstag, 15. Februar 2005 23:34 schrieb Marcus Merz:
> Well, i know how to recompile VDR but (eventhough this might be a stupid
> question): How do i define that i have a 4MB DVB card? I am using the Linux
> driver that comes with Suse 9.1 (not CVS) and Firmware 261d. To use the
> extra 2MB SDRAM i found a hint at http://www.vdr-portal.de saying to change
> dvbosd.c:
> --- snip ---
> #define MAXOSDMEMORY  1000000
> ---snip ---
> from the default 92000. I guess this does not help in 1.3.21 to use the
> How and where can i configure
> 1. a statement OSD_CAP_MEMSIZE and
> Maybe in Make.config? Or in dvbosd.c / transfer.c? Like i said, i am using
> some old linux dvb drivers and i can not update to CVS for various reasons
> at the moment.

You don't want to set OSD_CAP_MEMSIZE yourself, since this would most probably 
crash your driver. IF your driver supports OSD_CAP_MEMSIZE, VDR will find out 
itself (the constant is defined in linux/dvb/osd.h then and used by VDR 
automatically). If it doesn't, but you define it anyway, you would have VDR 
do an I/O-Control that doesn't exist in the driver.

For the FW_NEEDS_* I guess a 
in Make.config should do fine.


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