[vdr] "device 1 has no lock, can't attach receiver", how to diagnose the problem?

Lucian Muresan lucianm at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Feb 19 11:14:02 CET 2005

Hi folks,

I'm pulling mai hair off with this. I have only installed a new gentoo 
(stock gentoo 2.6.10 kernel, DVB drivers for my Nova-S from this 
kernel), nptl enabled (I still have the old gentoo on another partition, 
nptl-enabled, too, where VDR works, for what I'm doing with VDR until 
now, I never had these famous NPTL-related problems), only this time 
udev-enabled. Well, after figuring out how to setup the dvb devices with 
udev in /dev/dvb/, I thought all was set, I copyed my old /etc/vdr 
configuration files over from the old partition and expected VDR (tried 
1.3.18, 1.3.20, 1.3.21) to just work. But it doesn't. I'm either getting 
"Channel unavailable" on the OSD, or "device 1 has no lock, can't attach 
receiver" in the log file.
With dvbscan from dvb-apps I can generate a channels.conf from each of 
the 4 LNBs attached to my diseqc switch (Amos, Sirius, Eutelsat W2 and 
Astra), and I didn't change anything in the VDR's diseqc.conf. Well, I 
do not actually know if the fact that I can scan the transponders with 
dvbscan means that everything should be OK. How/what could I test 
further? I was thinking of using szap to tune to a channel and check if 
mplayer works, but I can't find out how to tell szap to choose one of 
the LNBs.
So what any other ideas do you guys have? What other information do you 
need to know, as I'm so frustrated right now I didn't manage to think of 
all information needed?

Thanx a lot in advance

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