[vdr] to use a current theme color in a plugin

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Sat Feb 19 15:05:25 CET 2005

tinconn at virgilio.it wrote:
> hallo all
> I'm like to make dynamic the color of my plugin using the current set 
> theme. I have read the PLUGIN.html but i understand that with this three 
> line of c++ code i can set a clrTitle color and then i can use it:
>    static cTheme Theme;
>    THEME_CLR(Theme, clrTitle, 0xFFBC8024);
>    int clrBackwindow = Theme.Color(clrTitle);
> I don't wont to redefine the color, but i want to use the actual theme 
> color...

I don't think that it's possible with the current theme model: only the 
skin defining the color has access to it (i.e it's the only one knowing 
the correct index), externally it's not possible to know the colors for 
the various skin elements.
I'd like that feature too: since I draw my own osd I'd like to at least 
use the same color as the general skin. Now I hardcoded the colors used 
by the ttng skin but it will look bad with any other skin.

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