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Sat Feb 19 15:22:26 CET 2005

Luca Olivetti wrote:

> tinconn at wrote:
>> hallo all
>> I'm like to make dynamic the color of my plugin using the current set 
>> theme. I have read the PLUGIN.html but i understand that with this 
>> three line of c++ code i can set a clrTitle color and then i can use it:
>>    static cTheme Theme;
>>    THEME_CLR(Theme, clrTitle, 0xFFBC8024);
>>    int clrBackwindow = Theme.Color(clrTitle);
>> I don't wont to redefine the color, but i want to use the actual 
>> theme color...
> I don't think that it's possible with the current theme model: only 
> the skin defining the color has access to it (i.e it's the only one 
> knowing the correct index), externally it's not possible to know the 
> colors for the various skin elements.
> I'd like that feature too: since I draw my own osd I'd like to at 
> least use the same color as the general skin. Now I hardcoded the 
> colors used by the ttng skin but it will look bad with any other skin.
> Bye
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What Luca Olivetti says is corrected?
For now it's inpossible to use a global theme colors for plugin?


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