[vdr] Re: Audio description wrong

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sat Feb 19 15:32:06 CET 2005

castet.matthieu at free.fr wrote:
> Selon castet.matthieu at free.fr:
>>I have seen that on a channel (hotbird, multivision 3), the audio descrition
>>in the wrong order : for the french channel it is "audio stereo eng" and for
>>the english one it is "audio stereo fra". I don't know if it is a vdr bug or
>>bug in the info send by the provider, but I believe it could be usefull to
>>to the description the channel language ie "description" become "description
> If the audio pid is switch the description isn"t switch : seem like a vdr bug.
> Also it seem than for all channel that provide description more than one the
> order is wrong. If they provide only one description and the other audio stream
> don't have one, the order is ok.

 From all the channels I've seen so far, the descriptions always matched
the actual PID settings. I assume this is a problem of that particular provider.
In the PID data they announce


while in the EPG data they have

   X 2 03 eng AUDIO STEREO eng
   X 2 03 fra AUDIO STEREO fra

which is just reversed.

You might want to contact your provider and ask them why they are
broadcasting the description in the reverse order.


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