[vdr] OT: Best DVI Video Card for Xine

Pasi Juppo pasi.juppo at iki.fi
Sat Feb 19 16:26:57 CET 2005

Richard Scobie wrote:
> jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com wrote:
>> Also Europeans sucked at defining 50Hz HDTV-modes (IMHO), not 
>> neccessarily you TV-set supports that. Major HDTV material is 60Hz or 
>> 24fps, and now for us it needs to be downconverted, because it was 
>> decided by 'idiots'. With PAL we got a larger resolution with 50Hz 
>> system compared to NTSC on similar video bandwidth. But with 720p/50 
>> or 1080i/50 we do not gain anything. Just degraded quality. Ok, enough 
>> whining.
> The principal reason Europe has 50Hz frame rates and the US has 60Hz, is 
> because these are the frequencies used by the respective countries mains 
> electricity generators.
> Video being only 1Vp-p in level means only small (20mV or so), levels of 
> mains hum (due to ground loops etc.) are visible in the picture and by 
> keeping the frequencies the same, the hum bars appear stationary or very 
> slowly drifting through the picture and so much less intrusively visible.

Originally yes. To my understanding these problems have been long gone 
(due PSUs) so choice of 50Hz for HDTV makes little sence - especially 
when it comes to digital broadcasting. Most likely the decision was 
based on history and politics.

What I'm wondering also is the WUXGA resolution (1366x768 - or something 
like that) that is claimed to be HDTV resolution. I haven't seen such a 
resolution anywhere. IIRC, in standard HDTV resolutions are 1920x1080 
(i/p) and 1280x720p. I'd really hate to see if movies are again 
remastered to different formats (ala NTSC -> PAL)..

Br, Pasi

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