to Klaus Schmidinger's (Re: [vdr] to use a current theme color in a plugin)

Andreas Brugger brougs78 at
Sat Feb 19 17:51:45 CET 2005

> The only way a plugin might "blend in" usefully would be to open
> a cSkinDisplayMenu and draw some stuff into the "central area" of
> that menu. That way the "decorations" (like title, buttons etc)
> would be drawn in the skin specific way, while the actual content
> is up to the plugin to draw.
> I do plan to implement this possibility, but right now I'm still at the
> (audio) track stuff...
> Klaus
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This would improve the overall design of VDR and its plugins, but the 
"central area" would still have a different design.
I know that this would be a huge piece of work, but wouldn't it be 
better to alter the skins, that they would define a general design of 
the menus, but also the design of standard objects (like title, button, 
text, highlighted text, progress bar ...). So a plugin could take this 
standard-objects and assemble the screen.
I don't know how KDE or GNOME handels skins, but it should be anything 
similar to this.

What do you think? Something for vdr-1.6 or vdr-8.0? :-)

Andreas Brugger

P.S.: My best wishes for the 5th vdr-anniversary. Although I'm only 
"witness" of the last two years there were huge improvements and the 
software was always ahead of the other products. I hope there is much to 
come (HDTV maybe) so the VDR-hobby shall never die. :-)

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