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Luca Olivetti luca at
Sat Feb 19 19:43:07 CET 2005

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

> Well, I guess this is one of the times where I need to say: KISS!

I agree, that's why I don't understand the current, complex, way of each 
skin defining all colours again and again (clrMenuItemCurrentFg, 
clrMenuItemCurrentBg, etc.), each in a non discoverable way.
Why not defining a set of fixed base colours (the name/id, not the 
colour itself)?
Then a skin could use more if it needs to.

> Let's keep things simple!
> A skin can display the menus and stuff in whatever way it likes.

But all of them have to define a colour for 
selected/selectable/unselected/unselectable items

> A plugin can't even begin to imagine what exactly a skin looks like.

but at least it could use the same colours

> That's why there is only a very basic interface to a thing like
> cSkinDisplayMenu, which can have several features like a title,
> buttons, items etc. After all this is not a desktop - it's an appliance!
> There's nothing wrong with a plugin taking the whole OSD and displaying
> on it whatever it wants - if it thinks the standard cSkin* objects
> aren't suitable for what it has to display, then it doesn't fit into
> the overal VDR scheme, anyway ;-)

but by using the same colours it could at least not seem too much alien.

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