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Stefaan Coddé stefaan.codde at
Sat Feb 19 21:00:19 CET 2005

I don't think that FTA will dissapear in the future and also they will 
move towards HDTV if they want to stay into business.
The real question is rather, will there be a full featured DVB card that 
supports HDTV so that the slow systems can still
benefit from the HDTV transmissions.
On the other hand, most TV's / Beamers are still not capable to work 
with a HDTV signal due to resolution limits.
Indeed, it's not needed to look forwards but just keep the changes in mind.

Our Internet Service provider who also owns the cable infrastructure has 
just started PCTV.
So, their cable customers can look to TV or a DVD movie in realtime. DVD 
means paying of coarse and no recording is possible.
Viewing a DVD costts around 4 euro and is 24 hours available.


Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

> Though I'm not sure whether we should really be looking forward to HDTV.
> After all, the providers will come up will all kinds of new restrictions
> and probably may make digital recording completely obsolete... :-(
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