[vdr] Re: can't get lock on Astra 19.2

Brian Brian_Dorling at t-online.de
Sun Feb 20 17:59:18 CET 2005

tony wrote:

>Le vendredi 18 février 2005 à 18:05 +0100, Lucian Muresan a écrit :
>>>I watched some German TV a few days ago while playing with config stuff.
>>>I can no longer get a lock on anything at 19.2E. I guess that it is just
>>>me but still... Can't understand what might have gone wrong
>OK I have compiled and installed vdr 1.3.21 with vdr-xine 0.7.1 and
>streamdev + femon
>I am pointed at RTL 12188 Mhz - I am losing the carrier from time to
>time and strength of signal and carrier are topping out at 65%.
>Pointed at the satellite with my analog tuner the signal is just fine so
>this has something to do with the DVB drivers. I am using dvb-kernel
>drivers loaded by hand.
>PS Klaus 1.3.21 is much better where it does work (BskyB)
>vdr mailing list
>vdr at linuxtv.org
I have a "test" VDR that is running with a Budget Nova-S, I have some 
BER and very low SNR and STR using Femon.
My "Production" VDR with two FF cards has far better signals (according 
to Femon) and no BER at all. I moved
one of the FF cards to this box to check that all is really OK, cabling 
etc. With the FF I then got no BER, and the kind
of STR and SNR values I am used to. As it happens the test machine is 
about 2M cable away from my multiswitch, the
production box is about 10M away.
The test box is a Kernel 2.6 with the supplied DVB drivers, the 
production box  is 2.4 with  DVB drivers from the middle of last year.

For me the values shown by Femon are very driver dependent.
Either that or my Budget card is broken, but running it under windows 
show normal signal values so I dont think so.

Cheers Brian

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