[vdr] MP3/MPlayer plugin 0.9.11 (development)

C.Y.M syphir at syphir.sytes.net
Sun Feb 20 19:36:04 CET 2005

Stefan Huelswitt wrote:
> On 20 Feb 2005 "C.Y.M" <syphir at syphir.sytes.net> wrote:
>>There is a small problem with the image_convert.sh script.  If an image exists 
>>but it is not yet in cache, VDR will throw up a threading error while the image 
>>is converted.  Perhaps we can use an "echo ... |at now" for the conversion so 
>>vdr is not held up while the processing is taking place?
> I don't understand what you mean.
> The conversion is already done asynchronous.
> Anyway, a log would be helpfull...

Here is an example of the error in the syslog:

Feb 20 10:28:06 sid vdr[7544]: mp3: player thread started (pid=7544)
Feb 20 10:28:08 sid vdr[4248]: error reading '/dev/input/event2'
Feb 20 10:28:11 sid vdr[7545]: ERROR: thread 81926 won't end (waited 3 seconds) 
- canceling it...
Feb 20 10:28:22 sid vdr[7544]: mp3: player thread ended (pid=7544)

How to reproduce:

Put an image file in a directory with a matching mp3 file.  This error occurs 
the first time the image is converted to a mpg file.  Once the cache file 
exists, the error does not happen any more.

I would also like to add that everything *appears* to work correctly from a 
users standpoint.  The only problem is the error in the syslog (but VDR does not 
actually shutdown).

Best Regards,

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