[vdr] MP3/MPlayer plugin 0.9.11 (development)

Esa Viitala cue at scape.net
Mon Feb 21 14:49:40 CET 2005

Stefan Huelswitt wrote:
> - Added cover image display during MP3 replay. See the README on how this has
>   to be configured. If you was using the old image patch, be aware that there
>   are now new commandline options and that the layout of the cache directory
>   has changed. Initial patch made by Eloy, currently maintained by Tobias Grimm
>   for ctvdr-debian package.

Odd problems. The background image is never shown unless it is found 
from cache, when the image conversion has to be run I keeps telling me 
the image is queued until I stop playback, then it says it was converted 
and next time I play it is found from cache and works just fine :)


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