[vdr] OT: Best DVI Video Card for Xine

Micael Beronius micael.beronius at telia.com
Mon Feb 21 21:00:47 CET 2005

>> One 'warning' though; with nvidia, you will most likely not
>> be able to do 1920x1080i through DVI, many have tried and
>Yesterday I ran 1080i60 with Nvidia GF6 6600GT and DVI. No problem, all HDTV
> titles and games played nice, but OS was WinXP (and no powerstrip ->

Yes, Windows does this fine for me as well.

>I have also ran 1080i with Linux, GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE and DVI. But overscan
> on my projector was so large that I could not use computer via that so I
> changed to native 1:1 pixel mapping (1366x768). I can re-check my setup
> with 1080i and latest NVidia linux-driver.

Please do!!!  What all people are getting with 6629, is an offset between the 
2 interlaced frames by 10 pixels or so. Like a vertical shadow.

I am running VGA 1920x1080p to my projector instead, but I'm pretty sure the 
Faroudja FLI2300 deinterlaces better than the HTPC.

Let's continue by mail, this must not interest many people here ..


 - Micael

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