[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] bitstreamout plugin 0.70 (sound loop through soundcard)

Erik ebeauvalot at fr.colt.net
Tue Feb 22 15:03:34 CET 2005


I have a little problem with this version playing a DVD.

It is working very well with : 
Vdr-1.3.17 + patch Ac3OverDvb + dvd-0.3.5-b07-cvs + bitstreamout-0.50e

And I have no sound (and basicly no signal coming out) with this : 
Vdr-1.3.21 + bitstreamout-0.70 + dvd-cvs-20050207

I have a Sony DD830QS 

Do you have a clue what I can do have more information to investigate,
because I have no error message at all ...


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   just uploaded bitstreamout-0.70 which should works with
VDR 1.3.21+.  The URL for download is given in my signature.


AC3 loop through sound card http://bitstreamout.sourceforge.net/
Howto http://www.vdr-portal.de/board/thread.php?threadid=1958
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