[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-xine-0.7.1 plugin

mike lewis lachlanlewis at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 04:09:24 CET 2005

> > Also, I'd really love to be able to use lirc or something (like vdr) to
> > send commands to the post plugin, like on/off, or "aspect 1/2/3/4".
> Controlling the plugin's configuration - yes, that seems reasonable, but I
> think that it's something for the xine-lib front end. I don't see any need
> for changing the aspect ratio unless the plugin needs to be able to handle
> displays other than 4:3, and even then you're likely to want to set it once
> and to forget about it.
> Windowed mode is a different matter, but that's likely to be a
> dynamically-alterable aspect ratio anyway. Given this, aspect ratio
> information should come from the output window, rather than being a
> user-configurable option.
OK, i think i'm using the wrong teminology again.  The display aspect
will always stay the same; but say on a 16:9 dvd, some times they
still have some black bars on the top and bottom (i'm not sure of the
term for this).  In some cases it would be nice to be able to zoom the
picture in so that you cut off some of the sides, but not all.  In
mplayer, zoom has about 6 stages from full 16:9 content, to looking at
what would be the 4:3 picture with the tops and sites cut off like in

What I'm proposing is really just a copy of this feature, to be able
to stage-zoom from full screen to centre_cut_full in xine.  No, this
now has nothing to do with vdr..  It about extending what Reinhard did
for 4:3 AFD style content to be used on other media in xine...

> > That way this plugin can take care of the zooming in other cases for xine
> > usage, like watching movies etc. through freevo,
> AFD support aside (Reinhard - anything to test?), shouldn't that Just Happen
> anyway?
Well, AFD style does just work.  But as per above it would be nice to
use this feaure when watching a dvd to zoom.  For example fight club
is very dark..  So instead of having to use the tv remote to adjust
the brighness, you could just zoom one or two stages. so it doesn't
matter so much.

I'd be happy to play with the code a little to see If I can do this,
as i think its very simply an extension of what Reinhard has done. 
But I have no idea how to tell if a post plugin can listen to an input
event.  I can't see any examples of an post plugin listening to input

And before you ask, the only reason for this is because vidixfb
doesn't seem to zoom, as I think has been discussed on the xine list


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